Gente con Tiempo, or People with Time, is the name of our finca and also the name of our offer to people who want to stay in a beautiful area in the center of Costa Rica for a while, with lots of space and first class service. And with lots of time for discoveries.

Accordingly, our accommodation offer is directed particularly at persons who want to live for a fairly long time (several weeks to several months) on a finca in Costa Rica, for example to escape the harsh winter in Europe or North America.  Or maybe with the idea of moving to this country, but not without getting to know the place and its people first.

Our finca is located in the Turrialba region, halfway between San José and the beaches of the Caribbean coast. Turrialba is a bit off the beaten track, but has a great reputation among nature lovers, as the area is ideal for hiking, cycling or horseback riding in beautiful and unspoilt countryside and for white water rafting.

This year we can offer in our our finca a fully furnished house for four people, plus a guest room with its own small kitchen in the main building. This can be combined with a flexible package of additional services such as part-time domestic staff, laundry service and meals.



Unless occupied by long-term guests, the accommodation is also available for short-term visitors, either as a bed-and-breakfast or as a holiday rental without included meals (with 1 week minimum rental period).

For booking requests and further information please send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will usually respond within 24 hours.